Softail EVO / Twin Cam 88 up to 2006 Controls


Rick’s Motorcycles offers the right controls even for older models. Rick’s has developed various controls especially for the Evolution Softails since 1984 and the later Twin Cam 88 Softails, which are not only a technical and visual highlight but also improve your sitting position.

Controls are offered for the Evo models that move the position of the footpegs two inches forward. For the models since 1999 (Twin Cam 88), they are also available with 4-inch footpeg displacement, as well as a version with a mounting position that almost equals the production version’s position.

All versions heighten the footrest by 2 inches.

You can choose between solid-milled footpegs with trench cuts or footpegs with O-Rings made out of grippy rubber.

All models are either available with a high-polished or black surface.

Harley Fußrastenanlagen Harley Fußrastenanlagen Harley Fußrastenanlagen Harley Fußrastenanlagen

Rick’s billet aluminum footpegs

Billet is a block that can be made out of magnesium, steel, or iron. Because of its lightweight combined with high strength, aluminum has been used in aerospace for years. Magnesium and silicon are added to the aluminum block to guarantee that the material has certain attributes essential to motorcycle parts, such as corrosion resistance and easy production malleability.

Rick’s Custom parts are manufactured out of billet-aluminum blocks. We take the dimensions of the original spare parts into account when designing new parts. The design part is largely modeled on the computer. Thereby, the CNC cutting process can be simulated without actually machining a piece of aluminum.

Rick’s locksmiths and welders get detailed prints of the drawings. The modern CNC milling machines cut the planned shape of the footpegs out of the billet-aluminum block.

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Vorverlegte Fußrastenanlagen Softail Evolution ab 1984

50-1000099-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, EVO, O-Ringe, poliert
50-1000099-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, EVO, O-Ringe, schwarz
50-2000099-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, EVO, Nuten, poliert
50-2000099-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, EVO, Nuten, schwarz

Fußrastenanlagen Softail Twin Cam 88 ab 2000

50-1000000-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, TC88, O-Ringe, poliert
50-1000000-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, TC88, O-Ringe, schwarz
50-2000000-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, TC88, Nuten, poliert
50-2000000-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +2 Zoll, TC88, Nuten, schwarz
50-1000004-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +4 Zoll, TC88, O-Ringe, poliert
50-1000004-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +4 Zoll, TC88, O-Ringe, schwarz
50-2000004-1Vorverlegte Fußrasten +4 Zoll, TC88, Nuten, poliert
50-2000004-3Vorverlegte Fußrasten +4 Zoll, TC88, Nuten, schwarz
50-1008000-1Fußrasten OEM Position, O-Ringe, TC88, poliert
50-1008000-3Fußrasten OEM Position, O-Ringe, TC88, schwarz
50-2008000-1Fußrasten OEM Position, Nuten, TC88, poliert
50-2008000-3Fußrasten OEM Position, Nuten, TC88, schwarz


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