Touring Fork Tube Cover Kit

Touring Standrohr Cover
Rick’s Motorcycles offers a cover kit for extended fork tubes (+30 mm).
In addition to an attractive look, the covers also have practical benefits. The tiniest rock chips on the unprotected fork tube could damage the simmering during the next spring compression – resulting in a loss of oil and pressure.

Rick’s Fork Tube Cover is available in glossy black and in a polished version for models from 1984 to 2013 and for vehicles manufactured since 2014. 

Touring Standrohr Cover Touring Standrohr Cover Touring Standrohr Cover
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IMG 7043 IMG 7343 IMG 7055 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 001 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 027 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 014 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 005
65-2051400-SG Touring Gabelcover Kit, schwarz glänzend ab 2014
65-2050000-SGTouring Gabelcover Kit, schwarz glänzend, Bj. 1984-2013
65-2051400-POTouring Gabelcover Kit, poliert, ab 2014
65-2050000-POTouring Gabelcover Kit, poliert, Bj. 1984-2013
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