Touring Fork Tube Cover Kit

Touring Standrohr Cover
Rick’s Motorcycles offers a cover kit for extended fork tubes (+30 mm).
In addition to an attractive look, the covers also have practical benefits. The tiniest rock chips on the unprotected fork tube could damage the simmering during the next spring compression – resulting in a loss of oil and pressure.

Rick’s Fork Tube Cover is available in glossy black and in a polished version for models from 1984 to 2013 and for vehicles manufactured since 2014. 

Touring Standrohr Cover Touring Standrohr Cover Touring Standrohr Cover

IMG 7043 IMG 7343 IMG 7055 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 001 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 027 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 014 Trike Ricks 26Zoll 005
65-2051400-SG Touring Gabelcover Kit, schwarz glänzend ab 2014
65-2050000-SGTouring Gabelcover Kit, schwarz glänzend, Bj. 1984-2013
65-2051400-POTouring Gabelcover Kit, poliert, ab 2014
65-2050000-POTouring Gabelcover Kit, poliert, Bj. 1984-2013

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