Wheel Design Freestyle One-Piece Forged

Rad-Design FreestyleFreestyle 4-spoke rim with curved spokes for stylish custom bikes. The filigree design keeps everything very lightweight.
Even though Rick’s uses CNC milling machines in the production process, an enormous amount of highly skilled manual labor is also required. Slide-grinding compacts and smoothes the surfaces some more – the final polish is applied with elaborate handwork. The bicolor looks is created with a contrast cut, subsequent processing. To do this, the wheel is powder-coated in any chosen color. Subsequently, a CNC milling machine can cut off partial areas. This creates an interesting bicolor look. Rick’s one-piece wheels are milled from a solid, forged block, guaranteeing maximum strength.


    <h2>One-piece, CNC-made wheels in custom design </h2> &nbsp;

    Born out of sand, fire, and pressure: Rick’s Motorcycles uses the forces of the earth to produce its new one-piece forged wheels. As the technology keeps improving, custom designs follow suit. Higher quality standards and new design ideas inspired Rick’s Motorcycles to present the new one-piece forged wheels with a CNC milled wheel design: CNC-milled works of arts for the most discerning riders. Extremely versatile, exceptional in their design, and of TÜV and DIN-ISO 9001-certified production quality. With years of experience in manufacturing the Rick’s Custom Wheels in a three-piece design with bolted rim rings (popular around the world), Rick’s Team has gained unique know-how that is used to produce the new one-piece Rick’s wheels. For months, we have searched for the best raw materials and special tools suppliers. The result speaks for itself: Excellent technical features and strength values, in-detail polished surfaces and exclusive designs in all major series and custom sizes. The one-piece forged wheels open a new chapter in the history of the “House of Custom”. A wheel design that meets the highest standards!

    RICKs 10 2014 FrenchFatBoy 002
    Durchmesser Breite 
    18 Zoll
     21 Zoll
    18 Zoll
    4,0“ für OEM V-Rod Bremsscheibe
    4,0“ für Rick‘s Bremsscheibe
    5,5“ für Rick's Bremsscheibe
    9,0“ für Rick's Bremsscheibe
    10,5“ für Rick's Bremsscheibe


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