Touring Spacer Kit Front Fender

Touring Spacer Kit

Just see that you make it all fit… the narrowest possible front fender must fit between two fork tubes, which are way too far apart from each other. Rick’s Spacer Kit for Touring models bridges the distance between fender and tube in a particularly fine way. It makes adjustments much easier while looking extremely good.

Rick’s Front Fender-Spacer-Kit will be available for models constructed up to 2013 as well as models constructed since 2014 onwards. While the versions of the Tourer constructed up to 2013 are available in black and chrome, you can choose between black and polished aluminum for the later models.

Touring Spacer Kit Touring Spacer Kit Touring Spacer Kit Touring Spacer Kit
4162 3813 Street Glide 23Zoll Rauleder 017 Street Glide 23Zoll Rauleder 024 Street Glide 23Zoll Rauleder 022 MG 9401 MG 9317 MG 9195
65-8051401-0Touring Frontfender Spacer Kit FLH, schwarz, ab 2014
65-8061401-0Touring Frontfender Spacer Kit FLH, poliert, ab 2014
65-8050001-0Touring Frontfender Spacer Kit FLH, schwarz, bis 2013
65-8060001-0Touring Frontfender Spacer Kit FLH, Chrom, bis 2013

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