Rick’s EAS-300 Single-Side Swingarm

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    The EAS 300 swingarm is a perfect synthesis of the many years of experience with those V-Rod single-sided swingarms and the widely used “Fat Ass” kit, Rick’s wide-tire top seller for all Softail models featuring the unique trademark jackshaft design. An impressive piece of Rick’s technology, whose manufacturing effort often remains hidden when installed.

    Rick’s EAS-300 Single Side Swingarm – the highlights:

    • Exclusive single-side swingarm with highest riding stability
    • completely unobstructed view of right wheel side and wheel design.
    • Allows tire widths up to 300 without offset. Rear wheel running fully centered in frame
    • High-tech customizing option for Milwaukee Eight FXBR/FXBRS, FLFB/FLFBS and FXDR models
    • Reduced belt stress due to innovative two-piece belt drive with jackshaft
    • ABS function of the Harley brake system is retained
    • Super-clean look of swingarm and tailend
    • Developed and manufactured with the latest CAD and CNC technology
    • No modifications to stock frame or engine/drive unit
    • Optional stock, aftermarket shocks or air suspension
    • Made in Germany

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