Metal Shop

At Rick’s Motorcycles they are simply called metal workers, because they shape the metal into almost any desired form…in other companies they may have different titles. As in all other areas at Rick’s Motorcycles, the requirement of know-how of the metal workers is extremely high. Here they are artists who shape the metal into the required form. While coach builders nowadays in the automotive industry only exchange metal parts, the metal workers in Baden-Baden know the art of how to make chassis parts from a metal sheet or to change and re-shape existing parts.

Depending on the task they differentiate between a new part and a conversion. For example either new gas tanks can be made or the existing one can be elongated or reshaped. Rick’s tank elongations have always been a feature which optimizes the silhouette of the bike visibly.

The same applies to fenders. If the wheel dimensions on a custom build are to be a great deal different from the stock bike, then the fenders have to be adjusted or made in the desired size and with adjusted radius. That a fender is not only a necessary wheel covering, but also a high quality design part, has been proven by many rear conversions in all sizes over the years.