Construction & Design

The times in which metal forming and shaping were done by hand are long gone. At Rick’s Motorcycles most parts and build series are today created on the computer. With modern CAD software each part can be drawn on the computer before it is produced.

This process offers clearly more possibilities than drawing on a board with ruler and pencil. At Rick’s Motorcycles highly qualified employees constantly create new designs. Every detail, every radius, size and material thickness is worked out in this way, and even coatings, surfaces and different structures can be simulated like this.

The advantages are clear. Before investment in expensive model work takes place, the part can be looked at three-dimensionally and even photo-realistically if required on the monitor. That way the design can be scrutinized perfectly and if need be adjusted. Also technical drawings can be created, which can then be used as documentation for the registration authorities. Apart from that, fitters and metal workers can work from drawings which guarantee a perfect outcome. The modern CNC machines at Rick’s Motorcycles are also being fed with the obtained data. As further components in the development process, 3D printers are gaining more and more in importance. Even before CNC machines create the piece from a block, with the help of the gained data three-dimensional models are “printed” which correspond in shape and dimension 1:1 to the later part.

The perfection, which is so typical for Rick’s parts, is neither an accident, not is it a secret. At Rick’s Motorcycles, despite small series production, the emphasis is on tried and tested experience, which is normally only found in large series production.