Surface Treatment

The metallic surface is what the eye sees, and that’s why this final process requires maximum diligence and know-how.

The start point for a perfect finish is always a homogenous surface. At Rick’s processes like grinding and polishing are being applied, ceramic grinders treat the surface by vibration and the shape and type of grinder, plus strength and time of the vibrations, determine the later result. Minimal layers of the material are eroded, last blemishes removed and the surface additionally compressed. Especially the latter ensures later protection from mechanical effects. In order to achieve the best results with this treatment, know-how and experience as well as high quality products are vital.

Polished surfaces are still in demand, but this finish can’t be automated due to the various shapes. A fine polish into every corner of the piece is at Rick’s done by hand, and further experience and know-how are required. The smallest mistake can spoil the result and render the piece unusable.

During polishing, rotating nettle discs further erode a very fine layer and increase compression of the surface. The difficulty is to achieve an even surface and the best possible result with different polishing tools with lengthy manual work.