Indicator Bars

Polished indicator bars, which are screwed to the lower triple tree. Suitable for many aftermarket indicators with 8mm (M8) thread from all reputable manufacturers.
Small indicators are a good thing, but especially at the front end it is often a question of where and how to attach them. With Rick’s holder it is possible to place the front indicators below the triple tree.
• Colors: polished, matt black, matt polished
• Available for nearly all Harley models
• Suitable for all indicators with M8 thread
• Supplied without indicators

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Ricks VRod  febr 016 045 MG 1877 MG 2212 MG 0491 MG 0493 MG 0246 MG 1847 MG 1939
50-110034-0V-Rod Blinkerhalterung, poliert, vorne ab 2012
50-300034-0Fat-Bob Blinkerhalterung, poliert
50-200034-0Street-Bob Blinkerhalterung vorne, poliert
50-000034-0Softail Blinkerhalterung vorne, poliert
50-600034-0Rick's Gabel, Blinkerhalterung vorne, poliert
50-400034-0Sportster 48 / Custom Blinkerhalter poliert
50-500034-0Road King Blinkerhalterung poliert
50-110034-1V-Rod ab 2012 Blinkerhalterung schwarz glänzend
50-200034-1Street-Bob Blinkerhalter schwarz glänzend
50-000034-1Softail & V-Rod bis 2011, Blinkerhalter, schwarz glänzend
50-500034-1Road King Blinkerhalter schwarz glanz
50-200034-2Street Bob Blinkerhalter schwarz-matt
50-300034-1Fat-Bob Blinkerhalter schwarz glanz
50-300034-2Fat-Bob Blinkerhalter schwarzmatt
50-500034-2Road King Blinkerhalterung schwarz matt
50-000034-2Softail und V-Rod bis 2011 Blinkerhalter schwarz matt
50-110034-2V-Rod ab 2012 Blinkerhalter schwarz matt
50-400034-2Sportster 48 / Custom Blinkerhalter schwarz matt

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