Retro fairing Clubstyle FXRT/FXRP

The so called „Clubstyle“ distinguishes itself through a bulky Fairing as used to be used on Police Bikes, FXRP/FXRD/FXRT in the 70s.

  • Exact Replica due to modern 3D Scans of an Original Bike
  • High Quality Glass Fibre Plastic with Gelcoat covering
  • Smooth on the inside and outside through production in two halves
  • Mounting points in the fairing strengthened with laminated stainless steel brackets
  • Fairing Mounting kit made from laser cut mouldings
  • Height adjustable Fairing mounting kit makes adjustments easy
  • Requires the mounting of a 7“ LED headlamp
  • 200mm high windshield in black or smoked available
  • Headlamp windshield either in clear or tinted
  • Fits all Harley Davidson Softail models from 2018
  • Depending on model and front fork adjustments may be necessary
  • 100% Made in Germany


S8 FXRP900 0 1500x1500px
S8 FXRP900 0 002 S8 FXRP900 0 004 S8 FXRP900 0 003 S8 FXRP900 0 001 S8 FXRP900 0 komplettkit1500x1000px S8 FXRP100 0 001 S8 FXRP100 0 002 S8 FXRP100 0 003 S8 FXRP100 0 004 S8 FXRP100 0 007 S8 FXRP200 0 002 S8 FXRP460 0 001 Scheinwerferkit S8 FXRP300 0 004 S8 FXRP400 0 001 S8 FXRP400 0 002 S8 FXRP440 0 1 S8 FXRP440 0 2 S8 FXRP420 0 2
Artikelnummer / Part NumberBeschreibung / DescriptionBild / Picture
S8-FXRP100-0Rick's Retro Fairing FXRP für Softail Modelle ab 2018
Rick's Retro Fairing FXRP for Softail models 2018 and up
S8-FXRP200-0Befestigungskit für Rick's Retro Fairing FXRP ab Modelljahr 2018
Fairing bracket kit for Rick's Retro Fairing FXRP for Softail models 2018 and up
S8-FXRP100-0Windshield schwarz
Windshield black
S8-FXRP410-0Windshield getönt
Windshield smoked
S8 FXRP440 0 1
S8-FXRP420-0Windshield flach schwarz
Windshield low black
S8-FXRP440-0Windshield getönt flach
Windshield low smoked
004 Windshield get flach
S8-FXRP460-0Windshield Befestigungskit
Windshield mounting kit
S8 FXRP460 0 001 1
S8-FXRP370-0LED Scheinwerfer mit Montagering, Haltering und Blende
LED headlight with mounting ring and mounting harware
S8-FXRP300-0Scheinwerfer Cover klar
Headlight cover clear
S8 FXRP300 0 004 1
S8-FXRP310-0Scheinwerfer Cover getönt
Headlight cover smoked
S8-FXRP900-0Rick's Retro Fairing FXRP Komplettkit für Softail Modelle ab 2018 beinhaltet: Fairing mit Befestigungskit, Windshield mit Befestigungskit, LED Scheinwerfer und Scheinwerver Cover
Complete kit for Softail models 2018 and up includes: replica fairing, fairing bracket kit, windshield, black, high, windshield mounting kit, headlight cover, LED headlight

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