V-Rod Triple Tree “Race”

V-Rod Gabelbrücke
Since 2012, the V-Rod models have been manufactured with new triple trees and a new headlight with visors.
Rick’s design tree “Race” makes it possible to mount the popular V-Rod headlight with the headlight bracket of the previous models. This creates a lowered, eye-catching headlight/front optic, just fitting a Custom V-Rod.
The fork bridge fits together with the standard fork sliders.
The original speedo mounting brackets can be reused or mounted at the original position.

V-Rod Gabelbrücke
V-Rod Gabelbrücke V-Rod Gabelbrücke V-Rod Gabelbrücke
50-2012000-0Gabelbrücke oben, V-Rod "Race" ab 2012, poliert
50-2012001-0Gabelbrücke oben, V-Rod "Race" ab 2012, schwarz glanz
68884-01Lampenhalter H-D V-Rod chrome, inkl. 4x Schraube

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V-Rod Triple Tree “Race”

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