Breakout license plate holder kit long with ABE

Side-mounted licence plate holders give free sight onto the rear and the tires.
At Rick’s they have assembled a kit especially developed for Breakout models.
• Inclusive of licence plate holder
• Inclusive of adjustable base plate (180 x 200)
• Special sizes available for Switzerland/Austria
• Number plate can be stuck on or screwed on
• Inclusive of LED plate illumination
• Inclusive of ABE (general operating licence)
• Installation instructions included
The kit is supplied in black or in a polished silver style version.
Optionally, the holder can also be ordered with an elaborately machined Rick’s base plate and/or an additional rear light.

seitliche Kennzeichenhalter
seitliche Kennzeichenhalter
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Artikelnummer Beschreibung
55-5082020-0Kennzeichen Kit Rick's, ABE, Rocker/Breakout, schwarz, mit Kennzeichenleuchte
55-5082010-0Kennzeichen Kit Rick's, ABE, Rocker/Breakout, chromoptik, mit Kennzeichenleuchte
55-7010000-0Kennzeichen Kit Rick's, Rückstrahler mit Halter, schwarz
55-7020000-0Kennzeichen Kit Rick's, Rückstrahler mit Halter, chromoptik

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Breakout license plate holder kit long with ABE

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