Pulley design Seven Sins

Pulley Design Seven SinsThe consequent step to a perfect customized look: Rick’s design pulley. A matching pulley for every wheel design from Rick’s with manufacturing processes and materials of the highest quality with longevity in mind. The HTD-14M tooth configuration of the belt drive has been made with a specially licensed tool of the American tooth belt manufacturer Gates to US norm. A process which produces a much better surface and therefore optimizes the belt contact with the tooth set-up: a guarantee for perfect power transmission. An anodized protective layer (hard coating) on the sprockets additionally hardens the surface and protects from wear and tear through daily dirt particles.

Pulley Design Seven Sins
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Part Nr.Description
11-3001061-1Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 61 Zähne, 29 mm, poliert
11-3001065-1Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 65 Zähne, 29 mm, poliert
11-3002066-7Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 66 Zähne, 20 mm, poliert
11-3001066-7Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 66 Zähne, 25,4 mm, poliert
11-3001070-6Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 70 Zähne, 20 mm, poliert
11-3001070-1Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 70 Zähne, 29 mm, poliert
11-3071072-1Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 72 Zähne, 25,4 mm, poliert, V-Rod
11-3001072-1Pulley "SEVEN SINS" 72 Zähne, 35 mm, poliert, V-Rod

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