Sportster swingarm widening

Sportsters are considered small and agile bikes. The small Sportster swingarm has its limits when wanting to use a wider tire. At Rick’s, the OE swingarms are being cleverly adapted to individual tire widths requests, and tire widths of up to 240 mm are possible.
For this the stock swingarm has to be sent to Rick’s Motorcycles in Baden-Baden. Here special distancing pieces were developed in various widths, which are welded into the swingarm with modern welding techniques.
However, also the complete wide tire conversion of your Sportster can be done in Baden-Baden.
But a wide tire alone is not enough, also the belt drive has to be relocated and moved to the outside. For this reason a pulley tooth kit was developed at Rick’s, including a new sprocket cover.

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Artikelnummer Beschreibung
35-2200200-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung, L 200er Reifen, ab Mj. 2014, roh
35-2200210-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung, XL 210er Reifen, ab Mj. 2014, roh
35-2200240-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung, XXL 240er Reifen, ab Mj. 2014, roh
35-2213200-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung, L 200er Reifen, Mj. 2007 - 2013, roh
35-2213210-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung XL 210er Reifen, Mj. 2007- 2013, roh
35-2213240-0Sportster Schwingenverbreiterung XXL 240er Reifen, Mj. 2007 - 2013, roh
0-0003020-3Aufpreis Sportster Schwinge feinfinish und pulverbeschichten

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