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1st Test Ride “Pan America”

Pan America 1250 Special – off the beaten path, on- and off-road!

No doubt about it: This is a motorcycle never seen before from Harley-Davidson: The „Pan America“ not just opens a new market segment, yet not cultivated by the Milwaukee-based manufacturer, it is a motorcycle that can challenge and beat the best in this genre! Everything on this motorcycle is complete and utterly new developed: “We have carefully analyzed the strengths of competing motorcycles, some of which have existed in this market segment for 40 years – and have discovered that no competitor is perfect in all points – se we wanted to be better than all competitors,” explains Michael Carlin, Chief Engineer Power Train.

HD PanAmerica Static 058 HD PanAmerica Static 023 HD PanAmerica Static 059 HD PanAmerica Static 019 HD PanAmerica Static 038 HD PanAmerica Static 015 HD PanAmerica Static 013 HD PanAmerica Static 012 HD PanAmerica Static 006

Already when „boarding“ the Pan America, it is pretty obvious that „it’s a Harley Jim, but not as we know it“: Only Eric Buell’s „Ulysses“ and the Dirt Track inspired XR 1200 offered such „exposed“ riding heights. The Adaptive Ride Height lowers the tailend automatically about 2 Inch (= 5 cm) which helps a little bit, but shorter riders, who also can lower the seat position by another 4 cm approx., are well-advised to expect the riding hight „fully elevated“ when stopping, if they don’t want to „missstepp“ into nowhere. All handlebar controls and switches are in new positions. Anybody familiar and convenient with the „more traditional“ Harley-arrangements has to re-train. Than includes turn signals, high/low beam and starter button.

HD PanAmerica Action 017 HD PanAmerica Action 013 HD PanAmerica Action 008 HD PanAmerica Action 003

Early morning, the freezing nights frost is still covering buildings and private vehicles parked in the open, we start into the narrow and twisting roads of the “Westerwald“, a low German mountain range east of the Rhine valley between Coblence and Bonn, north of the Lahn river. Numerous gorges, created by creeks and small rivers, tributaries to the Rhine offer alpine-like mountain pass style roads with little traffic descent rapidly. A perfect scenario in which the ground clearance of the Pan America still leaves plenty of “air” for lean angles. 152 hp are as impressive as the 258 kg weight of the “Special” version, but you don’t feel this weight at all during the ride. The sheer „pulling force“ of the “Revolution Max” is enormous, especially in driving situations where acceleration from tight hairpin turns is important. And easy to control!


While adapting to the motorcycle on the first few kilometers, the chassis is capable of handling rain, dirt and bumps on the road without complaint, as we have to analyze in retrospect. Soon the road dries up – and the throttle can be turned more vigorous. Even two days ain’t enough to check out the different driving modes available: They can be switched at lightning speed by pressing a button and are pre-programmed to provide the optimum engine characteristics for the respective road and weather conditions.

The new V-Twin is powerful, both in horsepower and torque – and certainly offers ne dimensions even to previous Non-Harley riders: Like a toy, the is easy to push into left/right turn combinations, the smooth and easy handling is yet NOT sacrificing the longitudinal driving stability. The test route allowed to check out the Pan America’s high-speed capability on a short stretch of Autobahn A3, running from Cologne to Frankfurt: Squeezing the throttle hard, the digital speedo soon hits 200+, 225 and 226 – that’s a whopping 60 meters per second! The rolling chassis copes with this speed just flawless – and there would even be room for more. The American-made dual-use Tourer (and you still have to state that this is a Off-Road Enduro TOURING bike!) masters the high speed with solid straight movement and not the slightest „tail wagging„ when crossing slightly elevated road markings.

HD PanAmerica Details 049 HD PanAmerica Details 050 HD PanAmerica Details 039 HD PanAmerica Details 059 HD PanAmerica Details 055 HD PanAmerica Details 012 HD PanAmerica Details 014 HD PanAmerica Details 001 HD PanAmerica Details 045 HD PanAmerica Details 017 HD PanAmerica Details 043 HD PanAmerica Details 056 HD PanAmerica Details 032 HD PanAmerica Details 037 HD PanAmerica Details 006 HD PanAmerica Details 024 HD PanAmerica Details 027 HD PanAmerica Details 066 HD PanAmerica Details 065 HD PanAmerica Details 064 HD PanAmerica Details 042 HD PanAmerica Details 054 HD PanAmerica Details 038 HD PanAmerica Details 018 HD PanAmerica Details 048 HD PanAmerica Details 016 HD PanAmerica Details 022

The Autobahn also acts as „windtunnel“ for checking out the small adjustable windscreen: Aerodynamically advanced, this tiny piece of plastic is taking a lot of air pressure off the riders chest. During rhe „road excoursion“ of about 240+ km, the Pan America 1250 Special is an exciting, if not thrilling ride on all types of road surfaces. To be honest, aboard this bike you find yourself riding much faster than it is „healthy“ for your driving license-But – and that’s the main issue – always safe!

The second day, were not just „off“ the beaten, but off any path: Riding over 250 kg of motorcycle into a former volcanic rock quarry – as a rider who is otherwise rather unfamiliar with off-road terrain and riding – sounds like a challenge, if not sweaty affair: Unless you are sitting atop Harley’s „Pan America“. Quite unexpected, the 1250 cc Special turns out to be incredibly “light footed” in this very different surface too. April weather conditions had turned the terrain into a mud pit of soft slush and loose rock gravel, while some puddles still show a light coating of ice: Something for everyone to test their limits.

HD PanAmerica Accessories 010 HD PanAmerica Accessories 011 HD PanAmerica Accessories 013 HD PanAmerica Accessories 014 HD PanAmerica Accessories 015 HD PanAmerica Accessories 017 HD PanAmerica Accessories 023 HD PanAmerica Accessories 024 HD PanAmerica Accessories 025 HD PanAmerica Accessories 018 HD PanAmerica Accessories 019 HD PanAmerica Accessories 021 HD PanAmerica Accessories 022

Again, the invisible and ever-present hard working electronic modes help out to control the bike, offering numerous additional „custom“ variations for Off-Road riding. Even on this loose and often slippery surface, the rider feels „in control“ and on top of things. With the speeds ridden in the „Off Road rookies“ group – rarely switching into 3rd gear max – there are no problems. At the end of the day, we finally switch off rear wheel traction control and rear ABS: Now you can spray some dirt with the pro’s and stop the read wheel dead to slide it around! The Pan America 1250 Special allows the rider, even when not skilled in „Off Road“ riding, to feel at home and at ease in the dirt. As a matter of fact the Off-Road „day-out“ is even more fun than the road trip and is asking for an „Encore“: This bike is less a challenge than a revelation – a multi-purpose Harley! Extremely fast, extremely good in handling and extremely well developed – the adventures are waiting!

Text: HRF, Bilder Harley-Davidson Presse, HRF

Pan America 1250Pan America 1250 Special
Länge2270 mm2270 mm
Bodenfreiheit210 mm175 mm
Lenkkopfwinkel 2525
Radstand1585 mm1585 mm
Reifen vorne120/60R19 72V120/70R19 60 V
Reifen hinten170/60R17 72V170/60R17 72 V
Reifen TypH-D®/Michelin™ Scorcher™ „Adventure“, RadialH-D®/Michelin™ Scorcher™ „Adventure“, Radial
Tankinhalt21,2 l21,2 l
Gewicht trocken229 kg242 kg
Gewicht fahrbereit245 kg258 kg
MotorRevolution Max 1250Revolution Max 1250
Bohrung105 mm105 mm
Hub72 mm72 mm
Hubraum1252 ccm1252 ccm
Auspuffanlage2-in-1-in-1; Katalysator im Krümmer2-in-1-in-1; Katalysator im Krümmer
Drehmoment128 NM128 NM
Leistung152 PS / 112 kW @ 8750 rpm152 PS / 112 kW @ 8750 rpm
maximale Schräglage, rechts & links42 Grad42 Grad
Kraftstoffverbrauch5,5l/100km5,5 l/100km
VorderradgabelUpside-Down-Gabel, 47 mm, mit einstellbarer Federvorspannung sowie einstellbarer Druckstufe und Zugstufe der Dämpfung. Gabelbrücken aus Aluminium.Upside-Down-Gabel, 47 mm, mit elektronisch einstellbarem semi-aktivem Dämpfungssystem. Gabelbrücken aus Aluminium.
hintere StossdämpferÜber Umlenkhebel angelenktes Zentralfederbein mit außenliegendem Ausgleichsbehälter, hydraulisch einstellbarer Federvorspannung sowie einstellbarer Druckstufe und Zugstufe der DämpfungÜber Umlenkhebel angelenktes Zentralfederbein mit automatischer elektronischer Einstellung der Federvorspannung und semi-aktiver Steuerung von Druckstufe und Zugstufe der Dämpfung
Räder, AusführungAluminiumguss, satinschwarzAluminiumguss, satinschwarz. Optional Schlauchlose Drahtspeichenräder aus eloxiertem Aluminium
BremsenVorn: radial montierte Vierkolben-Monoblock-Festsattelbremsen, hinten: Einkolben-SchwimmsattelbremseVorn: radial montierte Vierkolben-Monoblock-Festsattelbremsen, hinten: Einkolben-Schwimmsattelbremse
BlinkerLED Bullet-BlinkerLED Bullet-Blinker
InstrumenteTFT-Anzeige mit 6,8-Zoll-Sichtbereich, Tachometer, Ganganzeige, Kilometerzähler, Tankanzeige, Uhr, Tageskilometerzähler, Niedrigtemperaturwarnung, Seitenständerwarnung, Umkippwarnung, Geschwindigkeits-, Reichweite- und Drehzahl-Anzeige BT-kompatibel – Telefonkopplung für den Zugriff auf Anrufe, Musik, Navigation (NUR H-D App)TFT-Anzeige mit 6,8-Zoll-Sichtbereich, Tachometer, Ganganzeige, Kilometerzähler, Tankanzeige, Uhr, Tageskilometerzähler, Umgebungstemperaturanzeige, Niedrigtemperaturwarnung, Seitenständerwarnung, Umkippwarnung, Geschwindigkeits-, Reichweite- und Drehzahl-Anzeige BT-kompatibel – Telefonkopplung für den Zugriff auf Anrufe, Musik, Navigation (NUR H-D App)
Bildschirm173 mm Farb-TFT mit Touch-Funktion173 mm Farb-TFT mit Touch-Funktion
Freisprech-Handy - über BluetoothStandardStandard
Preis Vivid Black15995 €17995 €
Preis Farbe16265 €18265 €
Zweifarbig18595 €
Speichenrad-Option-500 €
Adaptive Ride Hight-660 €

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