Luxury Tourer

30. June 2017

If you’ve ever been with a Road Glide in tight bends, you will know that you rode a Touring model which, compared with other Tourers, has many advantages. And who thinks that a large front wheel could put an end to this fun has not experienced one with Rick’s conversion.

The bike’s weight increases of course and becomes more noticeable with larger wheel dimensions, and even Rick’s parts cannot eliminate the basic laws of physics. But if a bike stays straight on the road or starts flapping at the front end with increased speed has to do with the famous trail. Often customizers implanted the larger wheel into the existing chassis and possibly shortened the fork in order to compensate for the trail, which worked more or less well, but comfortable riding is something different.

At Rick’s they developed a triple tree kit especially for the Touring models which corrects the trail optimally and doesn’t let ride performance like bend behaviour and running straight become a nightmare.

The effort for this Rick’s conversion is larger, but the enjoyment during the first ride out makes up for this. If you are interested in a XXL wheel north of 21 inches in connection with Rick’s Touring triple trees, you should also consider a design wheel from Rick’s. In this case the ‘Rick Rod’ design was chosen, which looks very appealing with larger dimensions. And one thing is sure, the customer was in this case especially demanding. One look at the parts on this Tourer is enough to see that only the best was selected. And if you think that this is a real ‘Trailer Queen’, then think again. This Road Glide is being used on the German motorways as well as alpine mountain roads, and if you meet the proud owner you will get confirmation about the advantages of a well thought out and perfectly executed bike conversion.

Text & photos: Peter Schulz

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