Faster Johnnie

28. May 2024

Faster Johnny – Rick’s Low Rider FXLRST upgrade – Perfektion with Rick’s Premium Parts

Discover the latest creation from Rick’s Motorcycles: the customized Harley-Davidson FXLRST Low Rider ST, equipped with the innovative Clubstyle line of Rick’s Premium Parts. This custom bike combines the raw power of the Low Rider with the exceptional quality and functionality of our exclusive parts – Made in Germany from our own production.

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At the center of this conversion is Rick’s Clubstyle Riser KIT 8.5” Pullback “S” for the top-mounted round speedometer, which was specifically developed for the Softail Low Rider S. In this conversion, the new version with the speedometer housing mounted on top was used. With an adjustable tilt angle and available in various heights, it offers maximum flexibility and adaptability. Made from high-strength, black anodized aluminum and 3D CNC-machined, the risers are not only visually appealing but also extremely robust. The integrated cable channels ensure a clean look without visible cables, and the “Torque Bar” handlebar clamp ensures optimal rigidity.

Another key component is Rick’s Clubstyle Performance 2 triple tree, which fits perfectly for the Softail Low Rider S and Low Rider ST. It is also made from high-strength aluminum, black anodized, and 3D CNC-machined. The fork tubes are adjustable in height, allowing precise adaptation to different riding conditions. The triple tree comes with all necessary mounting materials and covers for lamp mounting.

The protection of the bike is ensured by Rick’s Motorcycles Clubstyle Crash-Bar for Softail models from 2018 onwards. These are available in various widths and are made from high-quality steel using special welding fixtures. The crash bars are black powder-coated and offer thoughtful construction and manufacturing for maximum stability and elegant design. The replaceable crash pads are available in different colors and offer additional protection and customization options.

Additionally, the Rick’s Front Fender 19” for Softail Milwaukee 8, Low Rider S / Low Rider ST was installed. This elegant and sporty steel front fender emphasizes the tire contour and fits perfectly with the stock tire size of 110/90 19”. Made from 2.5 mm thick steel, the fender offers high torsional stiffness and integrated protection for the fork tubes. Thanks to 3D laser technology, it guarantees maximum fitting accuracy and a beautifully shaped design. The mounting holes are already present, and the fender is delivered unpainted, ready for your individual design.

More braking performance is provided by the “Wave” brake discs installed on the bike, both front and rear. The disc design with an inner core made of stainless steel ensures long-lasting and consistently reliable function. The development goal was to optimize braking performance while increasing the lifespan, achieved by enlarging the braking surface with the 330 mm discs compared to the original brake discs.

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The floating mounting distributes the braking forces and heat dissipation to more points than in the standard version. The inner star is specially coated, the floating rivets are flattened on the outside, and highly tensioned. Rick’s Wave discs do not wobble or rattle but allow the necessary expansion of the brake discs when heated due to intense braking. The front stock brake calipers are reused with the solid Rick’s adapters.

For perfect integration and appearance, the Rick’s Motorcycles License Plate Mount Adapter was developed for Softail models from 2018 with original center tail light. This adapter allows the central mounting of the license plate on the fender and is black-matte coated and CNC-machined from aluminum. It comes with all necessary mounting materials. Matching it, the Rick’s Insert License Plate combined with Kellermann Atto DF lights was installed.

Another highlight is Rick’s Motorcycles Indicator Kit Low Rider ST including Atto Integral. These replace the front OEM indicators and are mounted on the original Low Rider ST fairing mounts. Included are the Kellermann Atto Integral indicators, the smallest and brightest LED indicators on the market, with E-mark, housed in a 3D CNC-machined, black anodized aluminum casing.

Additionally, Rick’s “Good Guys” grip sets and adjustable brake and clutch levers were installed. These are CNC-machined from aluminum and offer a ribbed rubber pad for increased comfort and secure grip. The levers are adjustable in six stages and available in various colors to perfectly match the rest of the custom bike.

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The upgrade is rounded off by Rick’s Replacement Footpegs AK 4.7, made from CNC-machined aluminum and available either in machine finish or black anodized. The recessed grooves provide optimal grip on the pegs and contribute to the high-quality overall look.

Our premium parts are manufactured in-house in Germany and are characterized by first-class materials and precise workmanship. The combination of these high-quality components gives this Harley-Davidson FXLRST Low Rider ST a unique look and remarkable performance. With first-class materials and precise manufacturing techniques, Rick’s Motorcycles creates an unparalleled riding experience. Experience the perfection and power of this custom bike – a true masterpiece from Rick’s Motorcycles.

Photo: Peter Hillert

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