Flamin’ Blue Fat Boy

3. November 2022

Anybody stating that Rick’s Motorcycles is a „Fat Boy“ specialist, has certainly “hit the nail” – on the head. Or rather made an „understatement“, if familiar with Rick’s history: Naturally, all Harley-Davidson models are „customized“ with the same passion and care at the Baden-Baden workshops, but if the model designator „Fat Boy“ comes up in any contract or discussion, the “early days” of Rick’s Motorcycles, when the then Rastatt-based shop started business by modifying “Fat Boy” disc wheels pops up in the back of the mind. Today, Rick’s extensive program of design wheels has been responsible for numerous, likely hundreds of stock “Fat Boy” wheel sets changing place into storage shelves or other purposes, substituted by more stylish but also much wider Rick’s Design Wheels. As on this example, a wide-tire conversion of the 2022 model year FLFBS – the difficult choice to select one of the many popular Rick’s designs for the desired fat-tire-look was only the beginning of this sophisticated and extensive custom-job.

Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3983 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3968 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3966 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3959 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3952 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A4004

The “Hollister” design 3-piece assembled wheels are named for the myth of the little California town that in July 1947 was the site of the subsequently christened “Hollister Riots”, nothing more than a little “rumble” between race-fans and police, later immortalized by newspaper articles, movies and a “legend” for todays custom scene. Customizing styles and times have changed, not just because of the evolution of Harley-Davidson models. New technologies allows to build and homologate extraordinary custombikes never thought possible only years ago.

Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A4008 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3999 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3993 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3992 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3974

Rick’s 300 wide tire kits featuring “Fat Ass” offset-swingarm and center-mount 10.5’’ wheels in a stock frame would have been a dream for customizers at the turn of the millennium, today, every Harley-owner can order the “full Rick’s packet” straight from the warehouse shelves in Baden-Baden.

On this exclusive project, the “packet” includes a full set of „Hollister“ wheels, along with the fitting brake rotor and drive pulley, “Fat Ass” offset swingarm with full air suspension – and the Rick’s sheet metal workshop worked hard to handcraft tank extension, front fender and the massive tail section, which in the typical clean Rick’s style, featuring Kellermann Atto DF indicators, is cleaned-up to the essentials features and functions. This Milwaukee Eight “Fat Boy” conversion also retains the proven and popular “Rick’s Style”: Compact, powerful, fat at the rear end and super-clean in design.

CC0A4010 CC0A4014 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3977 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3976 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A3974 Ricks M8 Fat Boy Flaming Blue CC0A4000

The FLFBS front end, completely redesigned by Harley-Davidson for the new Milwaukee Eight “Fat Boy”, now is a flowing line as the eye follows the smooth curves over the tank extension, comfortable single seat and Rick’s tailend. The look is further “cleaned up” by Rick’s handlebars, “Classic” risers, grips, Kellermann Atto on Rick’s adapters and the almost mandatory side-mounted licence plate bracket.

Technical details such as stainless steel brake lines and the Kess-Tech sound system exhaust were also refined, naturally adjusted and dialed in on the in-house Dyno test bench. By retaining stock components like air filter, floorboards and the iconic and model-defining fork/headlight combination, this FLFBS remains recognisable as a “Fat Boy” at all times – but in the extremely refined Rick’s version. And that’s what makes this exclusive Rick’s custom stand out!

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