2017 FXSB “Breakout” 260

14. February 2017

It may sound strange, but not all Rick’s customers roll on Rick’s wheels and with Rick’s complete conversions from the “House of Custom” at Flugstrasse 1 in Baden-Baden Oos. As an authorized Harley dealer, Rick’s Harley-Davidson also offers the full range of Harley-Davidson custom parts and also from all other aftermarket suppliers. Harley-Davidson has also increased its offer when equipping the motorcycles, which makes it more and more difficult for customizers to improve a Harley.

The “Breakout” was introduced in March 2013 “hors serie” at Daytona Bike Week and caused a lot of interest with authorized Harley dealers and customizers alike. That was an excellent stock custom bike, and faster than Harley-Davidson could deliver, the motorcycles were taken apart and fitted with new wheel sets and accessories! If you looked closely, you could derive the origin of the “Breakout” from the technical data: here the chassis of the former “Rockers” with wide rear tire and low sitting position was recycled and used. Renewed with a new oil tank – stylistically excellent – and aimed at the widest possible audience of the Harley fraternity.

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The powerful Twin Cam 103B did the rest to drive sales figures up. The design of the “Breakout” stems from the dragsters of the 60s and 70s, especially with the 10-spoke wheels, which are only partly machined. So, on this conversion the wheels stayed in the chassis, and it was the “heavy metals” from Rick’s which gave the bike a new rear fender for a 260 Metzeler tire. With the Legend air suspension at the lowest level, the fender fits neatly over the tire, and in “work height” it gives plenty of room for spring travel. As with all Rick’s rear parts, this fender is also built so solidly that it also acts as fender struts: take a passenger with you? No problem!

Because Harley-Davidson made a big effort when designing the “Breakout”, many owners don’t want to do without the stock oil and petrol tank. While the first fits harmoniously into the custom bike design, the latter would leave an ugly “gap” between tank and seat. A gap that Rick’s team found a way to close with a specially developed metal piece shortly after introduction of the model, which is in the meantime widely used by other “Breakout” customizers.

A “Good Guys” air filter aspirates the Twin Cam motor, the exhaust fumes are disposed of with a Vance & Hines exhaust system. Motor and primary housings received a complete set of Rick’s covers, including the cool “Bull’s Eye” cover on the primary drive, which allows a view onto the clutch.

Rick’s Motorcycles “Good Guys” grips, licence plate holders and foot controls complete this conversion…a real custom bike with Rick’s appeal, also with stock wheels.

Text: Horst Rösler

Photos: Peter Schulz

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2017 FXSB “Breakout” 260

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