Blue Thunder

10. January 2023

Rocking the Roads! Noble sunday dress for an elegant “Fat Boy”: Rick’s Motorcycles 2021 FLFBS 114 260-tire Custom-Job.

A “grand entrance” on the customizing stage is granted! Showtime again for Rick’s Motorcycles. At the beginning of the 60s, many Rock ‘n’ Roll bands swapped their traditional stage clothes: traded black leather, tight jeans and hair combed back with gel for fashionable suits which suddenly were all the rage: In subtle blue, The Beatles, The Searchers or Gerry & the Pacemakers stood in front of screaming hordes of girls gone wild and proved that you can also rock the house in suit, blue collar and Chelsea boots!

C5A6922 C5A6919 C5A6905 C5A6903 C5A6901 C5A6899 C5A6893

At Rick’s Motorcycles in Baden-Baden, the matching “Beat Age” Harley-Davidson “Fat Boy” is available rolling on Rick’s design wheels. A super-elegant riding machine featuring extremely smooth flowing lines, sophisticated Rick’s made equipment and a cool “blue-in-blue” paintjob which clearly underlines the elegance. As a matter of fact: THE perfect bike for the next “Gentlemen’s Ride” – and to get the old communion suit from the clothes closet again!

C5A6970 C5A6977 C5A6929 C5A6941

Does it always have to be the widest tire size? Definitely not, as you can clearly see with this superb wide-tire Rick’s Custom: A Rick’s wheel design attracts enough attention as it is – especially when it’s one of the rarely ordered designs. The three-piece assembled “Rival” 5-Spoke Design Wheel is such a rarely requested look – although very unique in the sophisticated and detailed CNC-machining of the five detailed spokes. A 260 mm Metzeler, the 9.0 x 18” wheel size fits into the stock swingarm of the wide Milwaukee Eight Softail frame as introduced with the M8 engines in 2018. Surely a fat enough “Fat Tire” look. To see the Design Wheel in its full glory from the right side, Rick’s established Drive Side Brake System is installed on this Rick’s classic, with the stock swingarm “refined” and cleaned-up by running it through the “fine finish” procedure at Rick’s sheet metal shop. “Bob” design brake rotors and drive pulley complement the “Rival” wheels perfectly – all fully powder coated in black.

Rick’s 260 tailend for the M8 “Fat Boy” leaves a big patch of tire visible to the viewer and the solid heavy metal fender lowers almost to the tire via Air Suspension. Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 and Rick’s short license plate holder minimize the elements at the rear. The seat was crafted using the base plate included in the tailend kit and connects super-clean to Rick’s stretchtank extension. Again, everybody can see how professionally and smooth this “Made by Rick’s” extension runs: the matte finish allows for no mistakes. And there are none. Perfect sheet metalwork also on the iconic Fat Boy fork: A Rick’s steel front fender in 18″ version hugs the tire super-tight.

C5A7063 C5A7087 C5A7076 C5A6985 C5A7110
C5A6932 C5A6992 C5A7051 C5A7056 C5A7080

In terms of equipment and accessories, “Blue Thunder” shines with a rich and established Rick’s package: V-Rod handlebars, Classic 32-mm risers, “Good Guys” grip set for E-Gas, adjustable “Good Guys” hand levers, plus Atto LED turn signals on Rick’s brackets, O-ring peg equipped forward controls and “Porthole” clutch cover – the list of parts manufactured in Baden-Baden is long! The Rick’s GG2 “BANDIT” airfilter too was manufactured on the CNC-machines in Flugstraße 1 – and mapped to the Kess Tech exhaust system on the in-house dyno.

A Rick’s top-custom that really “rocks” – and this both in terms of performance and looks!

You could create a quartet of them – and a original Beat band would be motorized in style! Who by the way believes that “Beatles” and “Harley-Davidson” have no link-ups could not be more wrong: The LP-cover of Paul McCartney’s 2nd solo album “Red Rose Speedway” is a true classic – and one of the VIP customers of the London Harley dealer is called by the civil name of “Richard Starkey”. Who ordered this Rick’s high-class custombike, also remains secret – but no doubt that you will recognize this ride when it rock’s by…

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