1. July 2017

The Twin Cam Softails have behind them a similar long and successful era. Loved by customizers and Harley riders alike, they were for decades the basis for countless conversion projects. Rick’s paid a lot of attention to these species. The result is a huge range of custom parts and therefore almost unlimited possibilities to create a unique custom bike. The example shown here was built a few years ago but is no less attractive. Typical for Rick’s Motorcycles is the timeless design, which is perfect down to the last screw (if you see one!) and is testament to the high art of customizing!

It is a phenomenon that actually only women know…suddenly there is a day when there is nothing suitable to wear in the wardrobe, and the run for the boutiques and department stores starts, and shortly after we can take them out in their new clothes. But what goes for women, cannot be denied to men either. But if they are happy with jeans, sneakers and T-shirts, they have different priorities where bikes are concerned. At least we assume that the owner of this green bike seems to get a lot of pleasure from new paint jobs on his bike. As already mentioned, this custom bike was built by Rick’s many years ago, but every few years the bike came back to Rick’s in order to give it a new paint job, and this time Marcel Sinnwell was chosen to give it a matt green coat and to decorate it with skulls, roses and other motives.


For all who can see that this bike has a lot more to offer than a really cool paint job should know what the proud owner actually wanted the first time round. Rick’s 3-part design wheels coated in matt black are real classics and still available under the name ‘Apollo’. Rick’s swingarm kit supports the original rigid frame look and enables the use of wider tire dimensions. The short cut rear fender ‘Race’ is available in steel or for more price-conscious riders also in plastic reinforced fibre. The tank was elongated and received a cut-out, which runs to the tachometer inserted by Rick’s. 

The cleaner front end was also made in matt black in Baden-Baden; only the headlight was once intended for a V-Rod model. Rick’s foot controls, grips and of course the adjustable brake and clutch levers are only a few accessories which are the icing on the cake for a harmonious concept bike look.

The morale of the story? “Man” hardly needs new clothes, in that respect we are different to women. But a cool green bike is what “Man” needs to make him happy!


Text & photos: Peter Schulz

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