Fat Boy “Staccato”

24. August 2018

The Fat Boy models are at the top of the list for friends of the brand. With the 2018 Milwaukee-Eight Softail models the Company has presented yet another excellent version of this superior class, which have, of course, found interest with the customizers in Baden-Baden. As far as the in-house made parts program for the models from 2018 is concerned, everything is now available. And what’s not possible to make in small series can thanks to specialists be tailormade or adjusted. The results are amazing custom bikes, which are, however, often unaffordable despite keen calculations. With this project it wasn’t about trying out the maximum of the possible, but to create a custom bike which is optically and technically perfect and doesn’t cost too much. The result is impressive and despite the color far from being a ‘plain Jane”.

In musical terms, staccato is a technique where the notes seem to be short and abrupt without sounding out. This way of playing is very appealing when the instrument is played well. Staccato is not only an interesting name for a custom bike, but has in this case a special significance. 

Wheels are almost always a part of Rick’s custom bike projects, and the shop in Baden-Baden has various designs in various dimensions and styles on offer, but a set of wheels is often also the most costly item in the calculation. The stock wheels of the Company have become better over the years, but large series production wheels cannot be very individual, however, they don’t have to be ugly or boring. If you apply a black, shiny powder-coat instead on the metallic surface, as can be seen, a more individual look can be achieved. 

Two new tires were also added, at the front a Metzeler in size 160/90 R18 and at the rear a 260/40 VR18. The 260 fits the stock rim without problem and appears a bit more dominant compared to the original 240, without influencing ride performance.

And because every tire needs to be covered in style, the front and the rear received new fenders off the shelf. The steel fenders are largely handmade in small series at Rick’s and offered in different dimensions for all 2018 Milwaukee-Eight Softails. 

If the rear fender is ordered as a kit, the matching seat base plate and the mounting kit is included. The front fender is offered in two different lengths, a short and a standard version.

And if you wonder why the rear fender is so close to the rear wheel, this is because Rick’s used an air-ride system with which the bike can be pumped up from the low show look to a more ride-friendly level within seconds. 

Numerous gimmicks used on the bike are also available from Rick‘s for the 2018 Softails, like the air filter. All Rick’s air filter designs have the necessary TÜV certificate for legal use on the road. In connection with Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde exhaust systems, the design air filters are also legal thanks to a TÜV certificate.

Rick’s adjustable brake and clutch levers, Rick’s grips and of course a handlebar from own production round the list of Rick’s parts off.

The sinister look of the finished custom bike is due not only to the raven black wheels. In addition, all blank metal parts were coated with a black, shiny powder. The grey paint makes for a stunning contrast.

Text: Peter Schulz

Photos: Peter Schulz

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