Rick`s Clubstyle “HELLFIRE”

19. December 2023

One year “Clubstyle-Power” for Custom Chrome Europe’s Bolt On And Ride line-up. Rick’s Motorcycles exclusive Harley-Davidson FXLRS “Low Rider S” featuring Rick’s 2024 “Clubstyle” news.

Rick’s Motorcycles is starting into the 2024 season at full throttle: The “Bolt On And Ride” bikes from Custom Chrome Europe premiered at CUSTOMBIKE 2023 to great acclaim, above all the spectacular Rick’s entry featuring almost all important Rick’s “Clubstyle” parts as they are also offered in the huge Custom Chrome Europe program. Both “Black Bob” in 2013 and “Moccarica” in 2018 were ground-breaking custom bikes that caused sensational responses, but with this outstanding Low Rider S in Rick’s “Clubstyle” trim, the team from Baden-Baden has gone “one better” again!

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It’s not just the bright and stylish paintjob that makes this bike stand out from the crowd – its the latest Rick’s technology which is installed here. The FXRT/FXRP replica fairing developed by Rick’s Motorcycles, manufactured in solid GRP is a reminiscence of the original Police and Touring fairings of the FX-based models of the Eighties, carefully adapted for installation on todays 2018-up Softail models, such as the stylish Low Rider S. The fairing partially conceals the view onto the CNC-machined risers, which are literally “packed” with innovation. Along with HD “Moto Bar” handlebar and the elaborately designed Rick’s triple-trees, these risers offer optimized function, advanced steering stability and fast and easy installation. Made from 7075 aluminum, the risers fulfil several functions in one part: The super-solid construction prevents these risers from twisting, both when mounted on stock HD triple clamps or in combination with the mounted Rick’s “Performance 2”. The lower part of the handlebar clamp is designed as a “torque bar”. This design gives a rider unrivaled precise and direct steering with maximum dimensional stability and stiffness. A generously dimensioned cable duct is concealed in both risers – and can accommodate cable harness extensions and any additional cables for exhaust system, air suspension or other accessories. Installed on the “Bolt On And Ride” power-cruiser for CCE is the version for the Low Rider S, featuring the round speedo mount; versions for ST and without any instrument mount are also available. Motogadget rear-view mirrors and “Rough Crafts” grips come from the Custom Chrome Europe program.


The Rick’s upgrade continues on the upside-down fork, where the Rick’s steel fender is closer and shorter over the front wheel than the stock part – and offers additional protection: Baffle plates integrated into the fender design deflect dirt and moisture away from open tubes and sealing rings, reducing wear and the inherent risk of damage. The fact that Rick’s front mudguards are perfectly matched to the respective wheel sizes has been a “Rick’s standard” for years.

The “Wave” brake rotors fitted to the front and rear of the bike offer more braking surface and better performance. The design of these discs – featuring a stainless steel inner core – ensures a long-lasting and consistently reliable function of the “less wave-like”, means less aggressive styled, shape. The goal was to optimize the braking performance while increasing the service life – and the large version with two 330 mm discs achieves this by increasing the surface area that is available for the stock pincers.

The discs are floating on 10-spoke “Steve” inner stars and 10 floaters each, which distributes braking forces and heat dissipation to more points than in stock. The inner brackets are specially coated, “floater” rivets are flattened on the outside and highly braced. Rick’s Wave know no wobbling or rattle, yet allow the brake discs the necessary expansion when heated by heavy braking. The look also perfectly matches the standard wheels, here powder-coated to match the orange of the “Clubstyle” bike. The front standard brake calipers are still utilized mounted on solid Rick’s adapters.

The installed Rick’s Crashbars, which make the chassis even more stable with an additional frame at the front, also set “performance accents” in bright orange. The individual components of the crash bars are laser-cut, TIG-welded and coated with high-quality plastic coating. Attached to both frame tubes – at multiple existing attachment points at the top and bottom – you can see the function of the front crashbar frame as a frame stabilizer. The end pieces or “bumpers” are CNC-machined from aluminum as replaceable “crash pads” and can be quickly exchanged if necessary. If required, additional position lights can be fitted or the sturdy tubes can be used as a “highway bar” style footrest. The rear crash bars not only protect the solid bags: they can also be used as passenger rests. Or in case the owner wants to test his stunt acrobatics skills…

Rear fender and cases of the Low Rider ST are stock Harley, the adaptation of the Rick’s slide-in license plate holder with Kellermann’s Atto combination works via an adapter for Low Rider S, ST and ST Touring models, which takes the place of the standard taillight. The slide-in license plate plate can now also be mounted in five heights and integrates the prescribed reflector perfectly – if you want to fit it. The angle and spacing comply with EU homologation regulations.

The “Kickflip” seat by CCE partner Le Pera would have passed for an authentic “Chopper” seat years ago, but today it offers perfect support for acceleration sprints and clubstyle riding! The ground clearance of the Low Rider S is stunning – and further improved by the installation of the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde “Project 21” exhaust system in stainless steel. Before the Rick’s AK 4.7 pegs touch the asphalt, you have to be pretty fast in the bends!


The Milwaukee Eight engine is tuned and mapped on Rick’s in-house test bench – together with Rick’s Euro 5 legal “Good Guys II” airfilter. The standard covers on the heads are designed by “Rough Crafts” and – like the lifter blocks and parts of the tappet covers – painted orange. HD racing look at its best!

Immediately after the stage premiere at CUSTOMBIKE 2023, the bike was also the focus of the “Clubstyle Connection”, who also held a bike show selection in Bad Salzuflen as part of their European tour and included CCE’s Rick’s-built BOAR bike in their voting. There is no question that this “Clubstyle Performer” will attract a lot more interested looks in the 2024 season – and will bring the topic of “Rick’s Clubstyle” to many different European countries and shows!

Photos: Ben Ott
Text: Horst Rösler

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