CVO Pro Street Breakout

6. July 2017

Every year the creative heads at Milwaukee select models to equip with the finest parts before they come out of the factory. Normally these so-called CVO models also get a power boost. And as soon as these limited editions have been introduced, they are sold out. It was the same with this example, only that Rick’s crew was able to make a few modifications to this rare piece before delivery. That way a limited edition bike became even more special and a really unique item.

At first you notice the short rear fender, which clings to the black rubber. The steel fender kit is on offer for every Breakout, including seat base plate and mounting kit. And someone complaining about not enough spring travel should note that Rick’s has added an additional air ride, so that the bike at the push of a button can be pumped up to a ride-friendly level or down for show purposes. LED micro indicators show the way and a 2:2 Vance & Hines exhaust system ensures a matching acoustic performance. A side licence plate holder completes the list of Rick’s parts. The latter is an in-house made part and offered in a special version for Breakout models. What remains is the paint on the fender, which in this case is matched perfectly to the CVO look.

Even if the CVO models are rare, at Rick’s they can make a similarly potent eye-catcher out of every Harley-Davidson Breakout with a few tricks and know-how. A few clicks through the gallery on this homepage should be enough to show variation possibilities from these gifted customizers!

By the way, CVO stands for “Custom Vehicle Operation”, and the intention of these bikes is best understood from the brochures of the manufacturer: “Make an impression!”
The CVO ™ Pro Street Breakout ® convinces with a stylish presence and plenty of torque and from front to back with a perfect finish, breath-taking paint and refined details. The Aggressor wheel is on a 240 mm wide rear tire and the forward controls and the sporty handlebar ensure the perfect sitting position for your power rides. And thanks to a Screamin’ Eagle ® Twin Cam 110B® motor with a Heavy Breather air filter kit, an upside-down fork and a new double disc brake at the front, the performance lives up to what the styling promises. This is our interpretation of a typical American top end muscle bike.


The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® impresses with a design which combines refined custom details with a hint of racing and surpasses everything what was so far available from the factory. The 100 ci motor, the wide rear tire, the handlebar fairing, the front spoiler, the aggressive stance – that’s all part of an American muscle bike. A finish that’s normally only found on one-off custom bikes, and from the first class paint to the details and the surface finish, everything is perfection!


The CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® is a perfect example of an American muscle bike in the style of the Motor Company. There is only one motor in the world which is good enough for that: the Screamin’Eagle ® Twin Cam 110B™ motor. It is the most powerful engine that we can offer you, and for this machine we have developed an exclusive CVO™ version. Please note the new satin chrome finish…you will not have seen such a finish on a motorcycle before…and it is only available with the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®.

Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ motor with new tinted chrome finish

Have a look at the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ motor, which fills out the frame of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout®. You are looking at 110 ci Harley-Davidson® V-Twin power, the coronation of generations of engine builders – an engine which literally “moves” a rider. The engine offers a massive amount of torque and impresses further with a blood curling rumble.

Cruise Drive® six-speed gearbox

The easy to operate Cruise Drive® six-speed gearbox transfers the immense power of the 110 ci Screamin’ Eagle® motor of the CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® to the fat tire. The engine develops a satisfied torque in the lower speed range and a lot more power in the total speed range.

Photos: Peter Schulz

Text: Peter Schulz/Harley-Davidson GmbH

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