Lucifer’s Ride

10. April 2024

Lucifer’s Ride – Rick’s Low Rider S in radical Clubstyle

Genuine “Clubstyle” meets Rick’s Performance: Harley-Davidson FXLRST “Low Rider S” introducing Rick’s 2024 “Clubstyle” parts.

A devilishly cool vehicle and “Authentic Clubstyle” from Rick’s: This Low Rider S has everything a real “Clubstyle” ride needs – and not an ounce of metal too much. The distinctive look links the new Rick’s Clubstyle components with the 40 years old origins of Clubstyle: The “Winged Logo” on the tank came in 1981 with the independence from AMF and the first “Clubstyle” frame with the FXR “Super Glide II” models introduced in the same year for the 1982 model year. The 80 cubic inch Shovelhead engines were mounted in solid rubber blocks for better riding comfort – and Motorcycle clubs jumped on it. With black paint and eye-catching candy red accents, this bike takes Club styling to a new level, as the motorcycle has to be taken apart and engine, gearbox and all other “small parts” had to come out for the frame and swingarm to be painted! Certainly, the days when you could order a custom frame color at Juneau Avenue are long gone – Harley-Davidson has custom paint programs for the parts, not for the rolling chassis or frame sections. No problem for the experienced Rick’s Motorcycles team, however, especially as the usually more extreme modifications on this Hellrider are kept within modest limits – by Rick’s standards. New Rick’s “Wave” brake disks – two large 330 mm disks at the front, the 292 mm version at the rear. The goal is to optimize braking performance while increasing rotor lifespan. Stock calipers are retained and offset from the fork mount on specially developed adapters. Rick’s “Wave” discs offer more friction surface than the stock discs: Drilled holes instead of slotted holes underline the idea – and construction of the disc featuring a stainless steel inner core ensures long-lasting and reliable function even under the toughest operating conditions.

Attention to detail is deeply inherited in the Rick’s DNA: the Rick’s steel fender is shorter and tighter over the front wheel than any stock protection, also offering additional protection for the Upside_Down fork: integrated protection plates deflect dirt or moisture away from the open tubes and sealing rings. Perfectly adapted to the radius of the tire and front wheel, Rick’s fenders are true sheet metal artworks.

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“Crashbars” from the stunt scene have become a popular accessory among “Clubstylers”: Rick’s “Clubstyle Crashbars” are elaborately manufactured and fulfill multiple functions in one part: Attached to the frame tubes, the front crashbar frame serves as additional frame stabilizer. The end caps, taking the beating in case of a drop, are CNC-machined from aluminum and act as interchangeable crash pads. Super-quick replaced if necessary. Here coated in “matching color”, bright and shining Candy Red. Crash bar components at front and rear are laser-cut, TIG-welded and coated with high-quality powder coat finish. As well as providing protection for the engine and fairing, Rick’s Crashbars also can act as “highway pegs” on long journeys – or for additional position lights?

C5A32711 C5A32541 C5A34761 C5A34671 C5A31771 C5A33211 C5A32341 C5A34651 C5A32751 C5A32641 C5A32551 C5A32501 C5A32471 C5A32431 C5A32351 C5A32031 C5A31981 C5A31841 C5A31501 C5A31631 C5A31751 C5A31821 C5A32401

Somewhat hidden by the fork-mounted Rick’s headlight mask are the sophisticated Rick’s “Clubstyle Risers”, here installed at the maximum available height of an dizzying 11.5 inches! As the instruments were still mounted atop the tank during the Low Rider S 2021 model year, these risers remain “topless”. The unrivaled solid design prevents these risers from any twisting – in fact both when mounted on stock triple-trees or (as here…) in combination with the installed Rick’s “Performance 2”. The lower part of the handlebar clamp is designed as a massive “torque bar” and offers unrivaled precise and direct steering with maximum dimensional stability and rigidity.
Simple and fast installation has been inherited in design: Both risers have a generously dimensioned cable duct under a clean cover, providing ample space for wiring harness extensions and any additional cables for the exhaust system, air suspension or other accessories imaginable. The cables then are secured inside the channels by clamps. Decorative CNC-machine patterns add the unique “techno-style” CNC look, which is repeated in other Rick’s Clubstyle parts.

From the huge catalog of Rick’s M8 Softail parts comes the detailing: complete Low Rider S Cover Kit in “Premium” edition, clutch cover “Porthole”, timer cover, belt guard, hand lever kit and grip set “Good Guys”, AK 4.7 footrests and gearshift pedal – everything that Rick’s range of refinements has to offer. Partly in the black “base” color, some details highlighted in bright candy red, perfectly matched to the sinister style. Since “Clubstyle” purists like to rely on the “stock look” of the rear fender, the license plate was also placed directly on the rear fender. No sidemount! However, without the bulky stock indicators and lights: Rick’s CNC-machined license plate base plate with license plate insert has the tiny Atto 3-in-1 function integrated. As it has the license plate light and the mandatory reflector. A solid mounting adapter lifts the whole unit slightly off the fender, while cables are fully hidden.

C5A32601 C5A32651 C5A32591 C5A33071 C5A32071 C5A32091 C5A32501

The hellrider grabbing the handlebars of this “Clubstyle” rocket sits deep in the custom-made comfort of the Rick’s seat: secured position granted, no matter how wide open you pull the throttle! And there’s even room for the occasional pillion rider…
Music to the ears comes from the the Dr. Jekill & Mr Hyde “Project 21” exhaust system, especially developed for the “Clubstyle” scene and available in different versions and surface options. In matt black, the look blends harmoniously with Rick’s “Good Guys II” Air Filter and the (almost) completely blacked-out engine. All perfectly tuned on Rick’s in-house dyno test bench, this power bike is “Clubstyle” on a new level: Rick’s Motorcycles level. One hell of a “Clubstyle Rider” in Rick’s perfection, don’t mess with this bike!

C5A31911 C5A32031 C5A32831 C5A32931 C5A31701

Der Teufelskerl am Lenker dieses Clubstyle Krachers sitzt tief in der Sitzmulde des abgesteppten Rick’s Sitzes: Sicherer Halt bei den Beschleunigungsorgien garantiert! Und für gelegentliche Sozias ist auch noch Platz…
Für Musik in den Ohren sorgt die Dr. Jekill & Mr Hyde “Project 21” Auspuffanlage, welche eigens für die “Clubstyle” Szene entwickelt wurde. In matt-schwarz fügt sich die Optik harmonisch an Rick’s “Good Guys II” Luftfilter und den fast komplett abgedunkelten Motor an. Alles perfekt abgestimmt auf dem hauseigenen Rick’s Dyno-Prüfstand ist dieses Powerbike Clubstyle in Perfektion. Ein höllischer Clubstyle-Rider in Rick’s Perfektion – leg dich nicht mit ihm an!

Photos: Peter Hillert
Text: Horst Rösler

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