Time Machine

17. December 2022

Milwaukee Eight “Slim” in “Antique-Style” look! Rick’s Motorcycles FLSL Bobber with the “extra dose” of genuine Old School.

The fact that Rick’s Motorcycles can customize great themed “Old School” projects has been in the company’s DNA for decades, especially materializing in Rick’s own Anniversary Bikes and some special projects. That they can go “one better” with a customer project is visible in this super-refined Softail Slim, Harley-Davidson’s “Stock Bobber” which rolls off the assembly line with pre-destined fate: To become a true Bobber. For a 200 wide rear tyre, you don’t necessarily have to grab one of the “Fat Ass” swingarms from Rick’s shelves, this “milder” configuration also fits the standard swingarm and suspension. However, the TTS 16-inch rear wheel has been widened and re-spoked as a fitting spoke wheel featuring the trendy “classic” look is working at the front.

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Catching the eye immediately are the tight-fitting full metal fenders from Rick’s Motorcycles. At the rear the 200 “Bobber” kit in 16-inch version, fixed tightly above the Metzeler rubber and super-clean with the perforated steel brackets rising sweepingly from the stock swingarm-tubes to the short-cut fender, also supplying the Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 function mini LED turn signal/rear- and brake-lights with hidden cables. Rick’s “holed” belt guard and the side-mounted licence plate further clean up the tailend, while stock brake disc and caliper are retained. Can so much “Old School” be legal? Of course – it can! And there’s more to come: The innovative Rick’s mounting kit for solo saddles can be utilized for numerous accessory saddles or handcrafted solo-saddles – but see yourself: the VNTG saddle with “hole” perforation is just THE perfect match to fender struts and belt guards! Add the view into the primary drive with Rick’s “porthole” cover and you realize: This bike has everything a true “classic” needs.

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Numerous parts are coated in matt black to achieve the distinctive uniform look: Engine covers, dashboard, floorboards and the complete fork including handlebars and fork covers. Rick’s “Good Guys” grips and levers make riding this Bobber a pleasure and the AK 4.7 gearshift button adds an extra touch of detail! The “Good Guys II” “Spoke Black” Air Cleaner once again shows its versatility – it fits every style and every wheel design, even if spoke wheels are installed! In this case, the standard exhaust system also matches the “Bobber” style – and somewhat covers the brake disc on the right side of the wheel.

One of the most “eyecatching” features of this beauty is the paintjob in an interpretation of Harley-Davidson’s own iconic “Art Deco” style: Gold leaf inlays, additionally “aged” sections and partly with “used look” and “weathering”. For the 1933 model year, Harley-Davidson waved “goodbye” to the popular and patriotic Olive Green with Harley-Davidson lettering, as used since the First World War. New colours and designs were introduced on the VL and RL, the “Bird” motif reflected the then popular “Art Deco” design – and was only applied in the 1933 model year. 

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Here, the iconic look of 1933 is reborn in an absolutely stunning Bobber whose owner will probably often will have to listen to one particular comment: “You’ve done a great job restoring that bike…”. Riding a “Time Machine” sure brings attention with it…

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